Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line: How to Save a Life Using the Phrase “4Hope”

In the age of smart phones, it seems that people, particularly youth, are fixated on text messaging as a means of communication. Despite having many hotlines to help young people cope with a mental health crisis, you traditionally have had to call into these services. Courtesy of Crisis Text Line, Ohioans of any age can text the phrase

“4Hope” to 741741 and receive a response from a live, trained volunteer within 5 minutes (“Code Orange” – more severe texts – are handled in an average of 1.8 minutes). Volunteers can then help the texter move from a moment of crisis to a calmer place.

What Can You Do?

Spread awareness in your schools, home and communities. Crisis Text Line offers a battery of free materials for publicity  inclulding logos, posters, and tear-off flyers. See the Crisis Text Line School Toolkit.