Q1: What are the requirements for School Social Worker Certification in Ohio?

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Q2: How do I renew the School Social Work Certification from ODE?

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Link to renewal page on ODE website

Q3: Are there any ways to get an ODE license post-masters?


1. MSASS offers a post masters program for those interested in classroom based learning in the Cleveland area. Link to program siteĀ 

2. OSU offers an in person and an online option to complete the coursework needed for ODE licensure. Program brochure

3. University of Cincinnati offers a classroom based program also. More information

More information about OSU and MSASS programs

Q4: Under what circumstances are school district employed social workers able to bill medicaid for counseling services? Is billing only permitted when counseling is written in the IEP?

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Q5: How do I submit job postings or receive job posting alerts?

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Q6: I am trying to find material on supervision of school social workers. We have a children services based program.

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Q7: What is the best approach to speak to a district’s human resource department re: placing a school social worker in a school counselor role? The job descriptions are essentially theĀ same with the only difference being the ODE license title.

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