Q1: What are the requirements for School Social Worker Certification in Ohio?

Answer 1

Q2: How do I renew the School Social Work Certification from ODE?

Answer 2

Link to renewal page on ODE website

Q3: Under what circumstances are school district employed social workers able to bill medicaid for counseling services? Is billing only permitted when counseling is written in the IEP?

Answer 3

Q4: How do I submit job postings or receive job posting alerts?

Answer 4

Q5: I am trying to find material on supervision of school social workers. We have a children services based program.

Answer 5

Q6: What is the best approach to speak to a district’s human resource department re: placing a school social worker in a school counselor role? The job descriptions are essentially the same with the only difference being the ODE license title.

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Q7: I want to get the discount on membership by purchasing it with my conference registration, but my membership doesn’t expire until the fall. If I purchase my membership with conference registration, when will be my new renewal date?

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