Referral Protocol for Mental Health Supports for Students

Based on the Now is the Time Technical Assistance Center’s (NITT-TA) comprehensive School Mental Health Referral Pathways (SMHRP) Toolkit, Project AWARE Ohio compiled a seven-step protocol for schools to establish a clear and formal mental health referral pathway. This protocol was developed by condensing information from the SMHRP Toolkit into an easy-to-use seven-step checklist. This protocol is intended to provide a general overview of the steps to consider in establishing a referral pathway for students experiencing behavioral and mental health issues. This protocol should be considered a basic introductory overview that condenses the information provided in the SMHRP Toolkit into simple steps for practitioners that are easy to understand, rather than a complete guide for establishing a mental health referral pathway. Please refer to the original SMHRP Toolkit for a thorough discussion of the practices recommended by SAMSHA and NITT-TA when establishing a mental health referral pathway.

The School Mental Health Referral Pathways (SMHRP) Toolkit  is available at the following SAMHSA webpage.

Project AWARE Ohio’s Referral Pathways Protocol for Mental Health Supports can be found at the Project AWARE Ohio statwide resources webpage.