HB 318 has already passed the Ohio House. Tuesday, June 5, 2018, the Senate is holding hearings and potentially voting to enact this bill with $10 million in funding.

1. Read the bill. 
2. Find your representative.
3. Contact your representative.
– Tell them that SRO’s cannot provide PBIS, trauma informed care, or de-escalate a student who has made a threat or been threatened with only 40 hours of training. The school to prison pipeline doesn’t need more traumatized children.
– The Virginia Threat Assessment is evidenced based, registered by SAMHSA and prevents 99% of cases its been used in.
– SSWs are Master’s level, licensed mental health clinicians, who are in schools with the training to assess threats and provide follow treatment to all children involved.
– Include SSWAA’s position statement on school violence.