Substitute School Social Work License

Effective 3/25/19 ODE is now issuing Substitute SSW licenses.

Key points:
1. The language in the code can be seen here.

2. The important piece to this new law is that even though Social Workers without the School Social Work master’s may now be employed as substitutes in districts, that is the only capacity in which they can be employed. They can never be on salary contract with a district without the School SW license. See section E below:

(E) A person that is employed to work in a substitute capacity by a school district or school under this section shall not be employed by a district or school in a non-substitute capacity without satisfying any licensure or permit requirements established in rules adopted by the state board that are applicable to the person’s prospective position of employment.

3. These revisions were also made in the state rule book.  This covers the new substitute licenses as well as the previously existing temporary licenses which can be issued to those with a bachelors degree so long as they are actively pursuing the additional coursework for full licensure.

The take away is that this may allow some social worker to find short term positions, they will eventually need to fulfill the requirements of the SSW license in order to find permanent, non-sub employment.

Those interested in applying for the substitute license can find more information on the ODE website.